Jan. 24th, 2016

millionreasons: (marnie)
Yesterday, we travelled to Reading to meet Jeff and go for a "four mile" walk around Caversham, along the river and into the Chilterns, past green sheepless fields, and a pink silage, erm, mulcher, under swooping kites (the feathered kind), and slanting sun in woodlands, to Mapledurham, where there was a charming village, comprising Elizabethan Hall, a watermill (closed for the winter), church, and artists' studio. What Jeff didn't mention was the two mile walk to get to the four mile walk, plus then the four mile walk back to Caversham and another 2 miles to Reading to rest my weary feet, hips, and legs.

Last weekend, we did the Lumière London event, or rather the Piccadilly/Regent's Street and Kings Cross parts of it. Like everything in London, it would have benefited from at least a third fewer people and the Kings Cross element seemed to be mainly to promote the new N1C area. But it was pretty, oh so pretty. My favourites were the flying fish of Regent Street that bobbed and waved in time to the music (I didn't know there was son to go with the lumière), swimming in the night sky, although the Spectra3-Lux in a shed near Kings X station that whirled us into space was also worth a look.

Walk photos by David, lumieres by me.

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