Sep. 25th, 2016

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Last weekend, we went to, as usual, Open House weekend. We heard of people queuing for four hours to get into the Gherkin, so we kept to local and lower-interest places and did a waste water recycling plant just off the Greenway in Stratford, a secret synagogue near Petticoat Lane, a modern house built in a builders' yard in Forest Gate, the art deco Senate House and London Underground HQ which is basically on top of St James' Park station, later discovering that these imposing deco buildings were designed by the same architect, and the 2Is coffee bar in Soho, which is now a Poppies Chip Shop. Well, that was just a lunch stop. My fave was Senate House, not just because of the beautiful art deco lights, the recessed alcoves, but the lovely library, which was almost a pastiche of an English library - books behind glass, a hushed atmosphere, numbered desks, the smell of old literature. If Sherlock were to investigate a murder in a library, this'd be the library in which he'd investigate. I also enjoyed the 10th floor view from 55 Broadway.


This weekend we hosted Dave's parents. Saturday, we wandered around Fitzrovia (basically Soho Woodhouse) and to the rather lovely Kin Cafe; today we mosied on down to the Olympic park for the Harvest Stomp. There weren't any large marrows, but there were dogs dressed up as vegetables, free (out of date) foodstuffs to take away, foraged jam tasting and an improv type play with actors dressed up as peas, carrots etc, the punchline to which was "We're waiting for Tesco!", which I, at least, found amusing. There was also a bike sportive taking place around the Velodrome. Chris Froome was supposed to be taking part, so we hung around trying to spot him, but got bored so wandered back, only to find him handing out the finishers' medals like a middle-ranking functionary. To be honest, if I were an amateur racing cyclist and Mr Froome turned up, I think I'd be rather intimidated. Like Lionel Messi applauding a Sunday league team.

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Open House photos by David; wonky, slightly fan-girling photos of Chris Froome by me.

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