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It's been a shit year for many different reasons, not just Trump and Brexit and dead David Bowie. HOwever, some good things happened. I was hoping for 16 of them, but I could only come up with 12.

1. We bought a house! Me, Dave and the Nationwide Building Society own our own little place. Getting away from under the jackboot of Hackney Homes was the best bit about it.

2. We went to a pagan festival (dating back to 1994).

3. Lizzie Armitstead passed within a few centimetres of me in my home village.

4. I spent my birthday abroad for the first time ever (my 20th was spent in Crewe but I don't suppose that counts).

5.  Barcelona again to the Primavera Fstival, but my favourite day was the one in which we walked down the beach from Selva del Mar to Barceloneta, stopping to sunbathe, paddle, and eat at a beach bar.

6. Cycling up a mountain to see the Tour De France and the candle-light procession in Lourdes.

7. Wine-tasting in Sussex and 8. boats in Hastings.

9. Bumping into Chris Froome in the Olympic Park.

10. Allan and Lisa's wedding in a Devonian art deco Agatha Christie hotel in the last of the (Indian) summer sunshine.

11. Coffee tour of the City

12 I went to Glasgow to see Deacon Blue!
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