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Website:Have collected up published writings in this other blog
“There is a mystery. There is something inexplicable in human life”. - Graham Greene

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60s black american soul, acupuncture, almodóvar, almond croissants, anti-smoking, appropriating condiments, art deco, b&bs, bbc4 socio-cultural documentaries, being a non-driver, blue eyes, buffy tvs, cafes, cary grant, cats, cava, chai, charity shops, cheekbones, chocolate as panacea, cillian murphy, cocktails, coffee and cake, composting, dark wood, doris lessing, douglas coupland, faded gentility, fairylights, flowers, formica, fred 'n' ginger movies, free museums, gardening, george orwell, going abroad, grand union canal, health food shops, home made soup, jens lekman, joss whedon, lights on water, london, maps, margaret atwood, markets, modernism, neo-noir, noir, non-fatal bike riding, patrick keiller, peep show, philip larkin, piney gir, popmusic, pre-'psycho' hitchcock, prevention not cure, provincial radio, public transport, pubs, railways, reich's personality theory, riot grrl, sarah records, seabrooks crisps, shiatsu, sleeping, social history, south indian food, spongebob squarepants, spring, tartare sauce, the coen bros, the fog band, the great american songbook, the inter-war years, the lea valley, the seaside, torchwood, travelling by train, trees, vegetarian food, veronica mars, victorian engineering, walking, wes anderson, william gibson, wonderfalls
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