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Because I welcome novelty into my dull life, I always buy the ridiculous flavoured crisps that Walker’s put out now and again. From Stephen Fry Up (for Comic Relief) to English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding (for the World Cup 2010) to Cajun Squirrel (fuck knows why), I hunt down the (sometimes elusive) idiotic flavours, buy them, try them and usually think that they’re horrible (my favourite flavour is salt and vinegar - I’m not terribly adventurous with fried potato based snacks). Yep, it’s junk food, but it’s British junk food, giving employ to the factory workers of Leicestershire, and keeping Gary Linekar off the streets/pundit sofa.

I’m also tempted by the stupid flavours that the coffee chains serve around Xmas (black forest gateau latte, mint choc chip cappuccino), but never buy them, mostly because I’m embarrassed to ask for them.

Anyway, a few months ago, Walkers ran a competition, Do Us A Flavour (do you see what they did there?) and I entered, using David’s idea of Nottinghamshire Mushy Peas and Mint Sauce flavour but tweaking it: my entry was Wasapea: mushy peas, sour cream and wasabi.

It wasn’t shortlisted because Walkers are obviously fools, but I did buy two bloody multipacks of the nouveau flavours; here are my reviews of them.

Cheesy beans on toast: I liked this, it had a good mixture of Lidl value baked beans tomato sauce and cheesiness. However, I object to these childish flavours. We’re not five years old. We need more sophisticated flavours (e.g. mushy peas, sour cream and wasabi).
Chicken chip shop curry: Does a good job of replicating the curry sauce you get in chippies (i.e. it’s quite sweet), but I remain unconvinced that curry is a good crisp flavour.
Hotdog with ketchup: This tasted like the old tomato sauce flavour but with added smoky notes. My favourite.
Sizzling steak fajita: I'm pretty sure that McCoy's already cover the steak flavour crisp market. Tasted both bland and unpleasantly of paprika.
Pulled pork: Sweet meat. Not great.
Ranch racoon: What? Racoon is not a crisp flavour. This is like Cajun Squirrel all over again. David also had a packet and commented that it tasted "like bins".
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Jimmy Chili Con Carrne – sort of spicy, sort of tomatoey.

 Steak and Al (Murray) Pie – really quite vile. Nasty fake after-taste of onions.

 Frank (Skinner) Roast Dinner – doesn’t taste of anything. Bland.

 Stephen Fry-Up - not as atrocious as Builder’s Breakfast, but still pretty horrid.

 So my fave is the Jimmy Carr flavour! Not in real life though.

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Walkers World Cup Flavour Challenge

12) South African Chutney Flavour. Again, tastes like the defunct tomato sauce flavour. Probably more sugar in a bag of these than in a mars bar. Pointless.
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Walkers World Cup Flavour Challenge

11) Italian Spaghetti Bolognese Flavour. Tastes like mixed herbs dunked in a bag of sugar. Unpleasant.
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Walkers World Cup Flavour Challenge

9) Australian kangaroo flavour. Tastes just like BBQ flavour. Dull!
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Walkers World Cup Flavour Challenge

3) American Cheeseburger. Tastes like Worcester sauce flavour crossed with Barbecue flavour. Not that nice really.

Still no kangaroo or chicken paella flavours spotted.

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Walkers World Cup Flavour Challenge

2) English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. Again, tastes like the beef flavour, with a nasty aftertaste of egg. I prefer the German flavour so far (don't tell the Daily Mail).

The rest of the UK seems to have been ignored - they could have done Welsh flavour (sheep and leeks), Scottish (deep fried haggis and chips with salt 'n' sauce) and Northern Irish (gun flavour).

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