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And now the end is here...I have enjoyed this meander down 1992's lane, although I understand how JP used to complain about the sameyness of the seasonal chart. I can't imagine that Pavement and Sugar and Sonic Youth were played on his show quite so much as they feature on the F50 rundown.

I've partiuclarly liked re-listening to (some) of the Wedding Present's hit parade (and the attendant videos) and The Boo Radley's Lazarus. Of the songs I hadn't heard before, Popeth by Datblygu stands out. Talking of songs I've never heard of, how did this get to be the most popular song of John Peel's listenership without me being aware of its existence? I guess I was paying attention to other music. Ok, let's fire up the youtube to hear it for the very first time...

Well, it's quite sweet isn't it? Reminds me of Lush, in their Sweetness and Light phase, Madder Rose and a bit Sundays, a more poppy Curve in the shoegazey bits. I like it, but I can't quite see it summing up alt-1992, certainly not in the way that Destroy the Heart, Can't Be Sure or Smells Like Teen Spirit were the indie sound of '88, '89 and '91, respectively.

Until next October!
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Oh Polly, Polly, Polly. Thank you for coming to save me from more American indie-rock, you magnificent woman, you. I am very surprised that this is her only song in the F50, given that Dry was released in '92. Where are Oh My Lover, Victory, Stella? Anyway, better one than none and it's a corker. Ironic and angry in turn, the bitch-goddess lays herself out for her man and he throws it all back in her face: "you exhibitionist". The male fear of the desiring female. She takes the words men use about women's bodies, "dirty pillows" "idle hole", and reclaims them, takes them and her away from him. The un-idle idol.

PJ was SEVENTEEN when she wrote this song. How can you know all this when you're still effectively a child?

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More songs for long shorted boys. This is quite lively, a sort of psych-surf-JAMC-party-hard-rawk out. I'm banging my head, gently.

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The higest charting Wedding Present Hit Parade single (in both the F50 and the Official Radio 1FM Sunday Night Rundown). Personally, I prefer Blue Eyes, but I like this one too, the waltz rhythm, the world-weary but still defiant guitar, the slightly bizarro video, and the usual Gedge lovelornliness, which I presume is about post-break up shenanigans.

It's over, yeah it's over, now come play with me.
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Mark E leads us into the Top Five with one of those legendary Fall covers. In this, MES tries to sing rather than bark, with, um, mixed consequences. It's ace though, from the football results spoken word bit to the raygun to the plinky keyboards that come out of nowhere, to the man at the front looking amused in this "video". Ah, Mark, you amusing, alcoholic sociopath, you.

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Penultimate Fall. I love this rollicking, rambunctious rawk from Mark E and the lads; the stuttering guitar, the chunky bass, the scattergun vox. This is the winter of your mind.

It pays. To talk. To no-one. No-one!
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Little did I know, when buying the Youth Against Fascism 12" from Track records, Doncaster, that I and Thurston Moore would one day live in the same locale of London. He and other local celebs, Stewart Lee, Tjinder Singh, Vod from Fresh Meat, are often seen relaxing with a light ale in the Daniel Defoe. Ok, maybe not, but I did go to see Thurston's art exhibition in a shop that sold pre-WW2 maps on Church Street. The shop is now being renovated, although the work is on hold after they found human bones under the foundations. Coincidence?

Oddly, I like this better now than when I bought it, the dirty bass, the squealing guitar. It's not the song I hate.

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The last Pavement entry! For this year, at least. This one is nice: jangles, some eerie dissonance, a determined chorus, and I always like it when the backing vox disagree with main singer.

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More Babes; this is shouty, stompy fun. I like the creepy, whispered "liar" at the end - they are both the heroine and the witch in the fairytale.

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Only ten more entries to go! Only one more Pavement entry after this! This one is slow and sweet, the song at the end of the night when you're feeling melancholy and wanting to go home but still hoping something good is gonna happen.

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A bit of a break between the incessant Pavements and Sugars. This is reasonably similar to the other electonica on the F50 chart (apart from the Disposable Heroes): slightly late, chilled out, Ibiza-y house music. Which is no bad thing.

I'm not sure how far into the future they were thinking of, but the current sound of London - twenty-two years into the future - is a bit less blissed out than this. Beep blip.
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More Fall. There're still two more Falls to go, although they are beaten by both Pavement and the Wedding Present in total number of songs in the F50 92. Maybe it was a slow year for them.

This is pretty straight forward Fall, with a nice acoustic twelve string guitar strumming away in the backgroundand some backing singer ooh-oohs, the latter acting as a foil to MES's customary bark. I had a nice three mins bopping my head to this; in fact, I felt a bit sad that it didn't go on for a couple minutes more.

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It's the Jamc! Who knew that they were still going in '92? The last record I bought of theirs was Automatic (1989). But heck, they're still going now. They played a gig to a bunch of men in their forties the other day. Anyway, this is all a bit Primal Screamy, psychedelic drums, dreamy vox, guitar wig-outs, skrrreeky breakdown, I wannadie refrain.

I'm not sure I would like to die just like Jesus Christ. I think I'd prefer peacefully in my sleep, surrounded by my 16 cats.
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After the last entry's controversy, we're at the penultimate Weddoes song, i.e. a safe pair of, um, guitar playing hands. A garagey opening, some driving, chiming guitar, gunpowder drums, a kitsch video: it's all good.

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You may want to look away now, [ profile] picosgemeos.

I hated Suede. Their whiny songs, their fake rebellion, their David Bowie pastiche, their "edgy" flirtation with drugs and homosexuality. When Huggy Bear were being courted by record labels, they said they would sign to Nude if they dropped Suede, and I did laugh.

However, a few years later, when Oasis were in the ascendance, and Bernard "The Dog Faced Boy" Butler had left and they released the rather fabulous, crackling Electricity, I felt a bit more warmly disposed to their floppy-bloused oeuvre and I have to admit that Brett Anderson has aged well.

I still hate this song though. I hate the drum beat, I hate the anthemic chorus, I hate the sad-eyed models in the video. I especially hate Brett's mockney vocals: "Yor toiking me ovahh". Shut it, you muppet.

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After the last Sugar entry, I was prepared to have my mind changed about Mould and the gang. Unfortuantely, this is more of the same. Chunky guitar, whiny vocals, dullsville middle 8, over-long chorus chorus chorus for the last two minutes. I had to listen to a quick blast of Hate Paper Doll to wash the tedium out of my ears.

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It's as samey as an Artic Monkeys song in this, the lower echelons of the F50. Weddoes, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Sugar (repeat). This SY song is pretty standard Youth, accompanied by a Super 8-style video. I like it when the rippling guitar comes in.

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More Weddoes (there are two more to go after this). It starts with an angular jangle, and goes into a driving guitar beat accompanied by some falsetto barks, although I do think his sartorial blackmail ("Wear your silver shorts today/And I won't go away") is a bit unfair on the poor woman who probably just wants to slob around in her joggy bottoms. Let's just count ourselves lucky that le Gedge is clothed in this video.

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Dave, I've got a great concept for the new video! You get your kit off, paint yourself yellow (yes, you might have to trim some of your chest rug) and wear pink heart-shaped sunglasses and a glitter wig, like the ones provincials wear to the local Flares bar. It'll be amaze!
Will the other guys be doing this as well?
Oh yes.

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Don't worry, this isn't the 40 minute version, although it is excessively long. It is the usual blissed out, bassy, dubby, chill-out room at Manumission soundscape that you expect from The Orb. I remember being quite fond of Little Fluffy Clouds and Perpetual Dawn, although for ages I thought the latter was called Petrol Dawn, referencing the brilliant sunset and rises that you get in polluted cities.

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