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I've just been to Sainsbury's to buy some cheap lager. Not for myself you understand, I only drink organic ale using hops sourced from a single estate (or Stella), but for the slugs in the garden. I want to get them drunk before I murder them in cold squish. I also bought some value vinegar to de-scale the kettle and whilst I was at it, got some value pitta breads and value baked beans (I can't tell the difference between them and normal). On a skinflint tip, I thought I'd purchase some value dips as well. The ingredients of the multipack (yoghurt & cucumber, onion & garlic, cheese & chive and "Mexican") dips looked much the same as the regular and poshe dips (I like how Sainsburys is keeping the class system going with its Value, Normal and Taste the Difference ranges) and so I reckoned 64p would be worth spending.

Big Mistake. All of the dips - the yoghurt & cucumber, onion & garlic, cheese & chive and "Mexican" - all of them taste of vinegar. They're horrible. Apart from the "Mexican" one being pink, I can't tell the difference between any of them. Ok, maybe one of them (is it yoghurt & cucumber? Maybe onion & garlic?) tastes more of salt than vinegar. Anyway, this disastrous experience has taught me to never use a supermarket that isn't Waitrose.
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41) Vegetarian food. I would have just said: Food or: Eating, but I've been vegetarian for 20 years, so thought I should caveat this interest. Sometimes I'm tempted to eat some of the things I never tried before my 'conversion': oysters, venison, foix gras, seabass, caviar, grouse, pigeon pie, but I think they would make me sick. There is so much else in the world to eat that isn't little piggies and cows and it seems a shame to not partake of them. It's more about the preparation and the ingredients - a soggy service station sandwich is not the same as a fresh bread-roll with fancy cheddar and a nice chutney. I love pad thai, broccoli roulade, onion tart, masala dhosa, patatas bravas, mushroom vol-au-vents, chow mein, canneloni with spinach and ricotta, nut roast, shepherds pie, moussaka, felafel, hummous and pitta, mee goreng, sushi and ramen, brik, bobotie, quinoa, vegeburger and chips, babaganoush, vine leaves, goulash, chilli-non-carne, corn on the cob with butter, mottor panir, spring rolls, dai vada, vegebangers and mash, lasagne, cous-cous, fajitas and burritos, caponata, tagine, vegetable pie, strudels and stroganofs, chestnut casserole, veggie haggis and tatties, feta borek, ratatouille, imam bayaldi, salad, pizza, pumpkin ravioli, risotto, polenta, pancakes, vegetable kebabs and cheese souffle. Heck, I even like lentils.

I don't like quorn though.

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