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Steve Coogan on Newsnight pretty much sums it up. "This has come about not because of pressure from the government or the opposition or the police or even the Press Complaints Commission but by the tenacity of the Guardian and a few other people brave enough to stand up to an intimidating organisation".

The Guardian pisses me off sometimes with its ill-advised campaigns (write to US voters in swing states, vote LibDem) and its stubborn belief in Tony Blair during his first term ("He just needs to win a second term, then he'll be really radical!") and its Islingtony lifestyle complacency, but I will feel a little bit of third generation Guardian reader smugness in my heart as I buy it today. Obviously, they had something to gain (the (probably vain) hope that NOTW readers would switch to the Observer), but, somewhat ironically, I think it shows the power of a free press and investigative journalism that wants to expose more than a footballer's love sex life.

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Lookee! There's me! Number 44! Edited from the original 1600 words down to 500 to enter the competition and then again by the Guardian subs to 100 words - but to a third generation Guardian reader, 100 words is better than 0 words. The paper version is illustrated by one of David's photos:

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