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Chrissy Chambers - anti-revenge porn campaigner.

Charlotte Church for standing up for what she believes in, rather than become comfortable and conformist. It's a bizarre idea that because you're well off, you're not supposed to care at all about other people:- Adele moans about her taxes, Myleene Klass got all concerned about the mansion tax, but Church is the one who gets the shit.

Abby Tomlinson - the 17 year old Milifan who took on the media.

Poppy Smart, who went to the police about street harassment.

Hilary Mantel, for surviving.

Rachel North, ditto.

Carrie Fisher, ditto, albeit in a different way.

Helen Sharman. Tim Peake was not the first Briton in space.

Lindsay Sharman, the out lesbian school teacher.

Kirah Gandhi, free-bleeder.

Charlotte Proudman, for taking on the white, male, public school, entitled establishment.

Rosa Parks, post-humously.

Cecile Richards, Texan feminist who filibustered the abortion bill.

Sarah Tuttle, astrophysicist.

Ma Bitchez

Mar. 8th, 2015 10:11 am
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As is semi-traditional on International Women's Day, here's my list of inspirational women:

Charlotte Laws - taking on revenge porn

Sue Townsend - post-hummus award

Cecily McMillan - Occupy activist

Jasmin Stone & the Newham mothers

Jacky Fleming - for being consistently brilliant

Shoshana Roberts - the artist who made a video about street harassment

Brianna Wu, Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkesian - for daring to speak up


Ma Bitchez

Mar. 8th, 2013 11:22 am
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Following on from my Womens' Day heroines list of a few year's ago, here's an updated list:

Cait Riley - for taking on the government, and winning.

Rebecca Watson - for taking on Richard Dawkins, whose world view does not include female equality, but rather more promotion of Richard Dawkins.

Jenny Johnson - for getting rid of Chris Brown on twitter.

Lucy-Anne Holmes - anti-page 3 campaigner

Salma Yaqoob - for not letting George Galloway get away with that shit.

Lena Dunham - for making the funniest, freshest TV comedy about growing up since My So Called Life. I'm 10 years too old for it - ok, 15 years too old for it - and I still love Girls. I love it, I love it.

Josie Long - for being an engaged and engaging political comedian and always putting on comediennes at her Black Heart comedy evenings.

Tracey Thorn - for sundtracking my life from angsty teen to middle aged lady, with a little bit of jazz thrown in.

Suzanne Moore - for sticking to her guns and not kow-towing to people who miss the point.

Right, I'm off to burn my cupcakes and bake my bra.

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