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Hej! This time last year, Fosca'd just come back from Sweden, a country seemingly populated by cute, young bicycle riding people who feel a lot of angst and drink a lot of alcohol. This makes it the perfect place for indie pop to flourish. Here is a round up of all the bonkers Swedish groups I have listened to lately:

The Zeitgeist - Baxendaley electropop
I'm from Barcelona - the Magic Numbers meet Architecture in Helsinki uptown
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names -  wondrous crazy
Lucky Misu - piano pop
Bobby Baby - cute smooth quiet synth tunes
Rough Bunnies - Moldy Peaches vs Beat Happening
SlagsmÄlsklubben - casio madness
Club 8 - the original Svenska indiepop
Irene - trumpet-filled feelgood music to bop to in the bedroom
South Ambulance - Sarah-esque jangles

and of course, the ever lovely Jens Lekman.

Catchy Tunes of Sweden blog
Swedes please blog

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I've often found the tone of Camera Obscura to be a little too winsome for this hardened Donny lass Brighter fan, it was only the Be My Baby-esque drums on Eighties Fan that got me going. But their new single is quite astonishing: organ, strings, chugging bass falsetto backing vox; it's jangle-soul - like Diana Ross covering the Weather Prophets.

A big wow.

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