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The final random postcard:

The Sisters by Mary Cassatt

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On the Balcony by Frederick Frieske

I think this will be the penultimate card I send.
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A Walk In The Park, Childe Hassam:

No replies from RPs 1-7.
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The Valley of Arconville by Theodore Robinson

No response from random postcard victims 1-6.
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No response from Random Postcards 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 yet. Maybe they think I'm weird?
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The Little Pond, Appledore by Childe Hassam

No response from previous random postcards
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Woman and child driving by Mary Cassatt

No response from Random Postcards #1, #2 or #3.
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Geraniums by Julian Alden Weir

No response from random postcards #1 or #2 (as yet)
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La Debacle by Theodore Robinson

No response from random postcard #1 as yet.
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Some time ago, [ profile] bluedevi ran a PG Wodehouse inspired letter writing project. Pelham Grenville never bothered going to the postbox, he just dropped a stamped letter out of the window, assuming that any decent chap would just pick it up & pop it in the nearest pillar box (I guess it never rained in the 1920s). Blue wrote to volunteers, or asked them to write to her, using the same method (I left my letter on a bench in Highbury Fields and someone must have picked it up). She got quite a high hit rate, as I recall.

Anyway, I'm going to do a slightly similar project, sending postcards. I have loads of postcards bought over the years and I might as well clear some space and get rid of them by sending them to random people, addresses gleamed from google maps and the Royal Mail postcode finder. I'll put an email address on each card so they can respond, if they want. I'll report back any responses. Everyone likes getting postcards, right? Even if they're from weird strangers.

I was going to create a separate blog for it, but my life is too compartmentalised as it is.

Here's Random Postcard #1. The picture is Dinner Table by Matisse. I'll not publish their postcode for privacy's sake. If anyone wants a non-random postcard, DM me your address.

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