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Aug. 31st, 2010 02:37 pm
millionreasons: (karen)
Things that someone should have invented rather than HD and 3D TV
  • Ability to turn down background music/noise without turning down dialogue
  • Ability to choose different commentators during sports matches
  • When a soap opera films two different endings to a story, ability to choose the one you want to happen
  • Ability to choose different clothes for characters (although I guess you'd have to choose more clothes rather than less)
  • Adblock


Jun. 5th, 2010 11:32 am
millionreasons: (karen)
Weird stuff #1 One of my Facebook friends, Stephen Burt, writes in a paper I subscribe to about Facebook. A little bit meta.

Weird stuff #2 We watched the pilot of the V reboot last night. The opening titles asked: Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated? Where were you on 9/11? Where were Today being the day the aliens landed. I thought this was a little bit US-centric and Dave came up with some alternative questions. Where were you when Tommy Cooper died live on stage? Where were you when Rod Hull fell off the roof? Where were you when Sandy escaped from the Big Brother house?

Anyway, V has a certain reds/Islamics under the bed right wing feel about it but features several sci-fi alumni including Juliet from Lost, Morena Baccarin from Firefly who was the tart with the heart in Joss Whedon's ill thought out concept that in the 26th century, prostitution was empowering for women, Alan Tudyk from Firefly and Dollhouse who was Juliet from Lost's FBI partner and (SPOILER ALERT) turned out to be a lizard alien. However, since he was only credited as guest star, rather than being in the main cast in the opening titles, the twist was somewhaty spoiled. Surprisingly, since Hollywood has decided that women are supportive wives or evil crazy bitches, or shoe shopping vapid idiots, Juliet from Lost was the kick-ass single mom lead character. Go Juliet! You don't need Sawyer.

In other Firefly alumnus news, Nathan Fillon has made some bad choices.

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